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Analysis of electrical design specifications for civil buildings

Hits:Updated:2018-08-21 14:08:33【Print】

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Construction's "Notice on Printing and Distributing (Establishing and Revising Plans for Urban Construction and Construction Industry Standards for the Construction of Urban Construction and Construction Industry in the Second, the Second and the Second Year of the Year) (Standard E20023 No. 84), the standardization group has been extensively investigated. Strictly sum up practical experience, refer to relevant international standards and foreign advanced standards, and on the basis of extensive solicitation of opinions, revised the "Code for Electrical Design of Civil Buildings" JGJ/T 16-92.
The main technical contents of this code are: 1. General; 2. Terminology, code name; 3. Power supply and distribution system; 4. Distribution substation; 5. Relay protection and electrical measurement; 6. Self-prepared emergency power supply; Low-voltage power distribution; 8. Distribution line wiring system; 9. Common equipment electrical equipment; 10. Electric lighting; 11. Civil building lightning protection; 12. Grounding and special place safety protection; 13. Automatic fire alarm system; Safety technology prevention system; 15. Cable TV and satellite TV receiving system; 16. Broadcasting, sound reinforcement and conference system; 17. Response signal and information display; 18. Construction equipment monitoring system; 19. Computer network system; Network system; 21. Integrated wiring system; 22. Electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic environment sanitation; 23. Electronic information equipment room; 24. Boiler room thermal detection and control.
The main contents of the revision are: 1. Elimination of outdoor overhead lines, lightning protection and sound and power production of power equipment, and chapter 3; 2. Adding safety technology prevention systems, integrated wiring systems, electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic environmental sanitation and electronic information equipment The computer room 4 chapters; 3. The main technical content involved in the retained chapters has also been supplemented, improved and necessary modifications.
The provisions in bold in this Code are mandatory and must be strictly enforced.
This specification is managed by the Ministry of Construction and explains the intensive provisions. The China Architecture Northeast Design Institute (Address: 65 Guangrong Street, Heping District, Shenyang, China: 110003) is responsible for the interpretation of specific technical contents.


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