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NE3402E two-wire integrated vibration speed transmitter

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The NE3402E two-wire integrated vibration speed transmitter is designed and manufactured based on the use of harsh environmental conditions. Please select the product according to the site conditions. NE3402E two-wire integrated vibration speed transmitter is based on our NE3402S (three-wire) vibration transmitter, using our many new patented technologies; the loop conversion power supply, piezoelectric sensor, low power precision Measurement circuits and the like are integrated.
working principle
The NE3402E transmitter (hereafter referred to as the transmitter) has a built-in MEMS piezoelectric element that senses the vibration speed, converts the acceleration into a peak speed/effective value through a high-precision integrated circuit, and converts the peak speed/effective value to 4-20 mA of the corresponding range. Current output for easy remote display and control; ideal for connection to DCS, PLC and data acquisition systems.
 Performance characteristics
1 Two-wire loop, the transmitter is more convenient and economical to use and maintain;
2 original fault-tolerant technology, the polarity of the two lines of the loop is arbitrarily connected;
3 patented low-power, high-stability measurement circuit, fully integrated process, ensuring high-precision 4~20mA current output corresponding to linear vibration speed;
4MEMS piezoelectric core, integrated structure, sturdy and durable;
More than 5 installations, connection types, a variety of vibration range, to meet the application requirements of various occasions.
 NE3402E transmitter technical indicators
Power supply: +24±15% Vdc power supply, maximum power consumption 0.5W;
Measuring range: 0 ~ 20mm / s rms; (range optional)
Frequency range: 10 ~ 1000Hz; -3db;
Sensitive direction: axial, installed in any direction / angle;
Lateral sensitivity: ≤3%;
Electrical isolation: 500Vrms, the circuit is isolated from the housing;
Current output: standard 4 ~ 20mA output;
(Proportional and measuring the effective value of vibration speed) Accuracy: ± 2%; (maximum load: 600Ω)
       Impact limit: 1000g;
       Quality: 0.2Kg;
       Protection level: IP67
Use environment: -30 ~ 70 ° C;
Relative humidity: no more than 95%, no condensation.


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